You dig your graves, coffins are on us.

I know that our mind is being manipulated with through the electromagnetic radiation and special radio frequencies that are being projected through television sets, satellites, computers and HARP. Chemtrails are being used for delivering poisonous chemicals into our food and crops and pollute the air and water. Besides the chemicals they are spraying us with viruses and bacteria and even using nano-robots that are ten thousand times smaller than a human hair. They can easily be inhaled and they are programmed to do whatever they want. They can destroy our DNA or adjust it so we change in time. They can manipulate our thoughts and our immunity and they can kill us if programmed to do that. There are a special frequencies projected through our TV sets that we do not see and these frequencies can change our behaviour, but that is being used for a long time, especially in advertising. Dr. Rauni Kilde, Finish minister of health said that the worst thing for children is using mobil phones and now especially smart phones. Using them for 1 or 2 minutes takes the body entire week to neutralize the harm that this creates for us. So imagine what it does to the brain when some people are using these phones for hours and hours daily. They call it a zombie effect. People walk like a zombies and do not even know what is happening around them. Towers that are being used as a cell towers for cell phones are created as a weapon as well. They can change the frequencies any time and kill people in large numbers.

You can listen to Rauni Kilde on YouTube. She was also murdered about 2 years ago for revealing these things. She was very competent to talk about this because she was working for the government in various secret projects and she was invited to see many top secret inventions that only few people in the world were allowed to witness. She was very courageous lady who revealed as much as she could to let the public know what they are preparing for us.

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